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2019-05-08 00:37:00


By Ammar1994


2019-05-06 05:35:00

To protect the private data on my word file, I set a password. However, I can’t remember what the password is after several days. I have tried to the most common passwords but none of them worked. Maybe I’ll be crazy if I don’t have this word password recovery product.

By Robert


2019-05-02 19:50:00

It is never a problem to lose word file password. There must be tools on the market to help us get the password back. After trying more than 5 online tools and applications, only passper for word help me do that. Maybe you can also have a try!

By Justice


2019-05-02 09:20:00

Unfortunately, I can’t open the word document with password protection. And I don’t know that password that I set before. Luckily, I sent an Email to Passper team and get help from them to open this file in only a few minutes. Much appreciated.

By Jose


2019-04-18 10:00:00

My former colleague left an important word document to me. However, this word file is protected with edit restrictions and I cannot contact him for the password. Luckily, I searched online and found Passper for Excel. It did help me remove the edit restrictions.

By Ashlee Ervin


2019-04-09 16:02:24

Best Tool at very low cost for unlock secured Word doc.

By Roland N. Aquirre

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